September 30, 2018

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
Steele (To some, an alcoholic pirate captain. To others, a hedonistic space marine. Neither is incorrect.)
The Vine
Fionna (What is Paroli?)


Adventurers needed to secure our wood supply -Chief Longtooth

Plot Synopsis

Hiring time was set for 8:00 in the morning. Nora was first to arrive at 7:30, but did not pass through until 7:45 when Finlye showed up dragging Steele behind him, due to Steele having spent the night drinking. Upon the three’s arrival to the plane, they were greeted by Chief Longtooth, who offered them breakfast. Steele voiced his dislike of the primitive nature of the plane, until it was revealed what “Breakfast” entailed, specifically, comically large portions and, for him, alcohol strong enough to give him pause. Finlye had tuna and mushrooms seared in wine sauce, while Nora had pizza sized pancakes stacked one and a half feet high. By this time, 7:50, Beyonce and Fionna had arrived and sat down to join the rest of party for breakfast, with Fionna abstaining and Beyonce ordering a salad. The Vine stepped through the portal at 8:00, and with the departure time nearing, Chief Longtooth began to explain the mission. With the village having finished its initial construction since last campaign, they were currently working on developing their fishing fleets, which required a special kind of low-density, high-strength wood that was imported from a village much further along the coast. That village had been experiencing some recent creature attacks which were interrupting the wood supply. As only Bolt Cove village possessed access to adventurers, they were the ones to contract a team to come in and slay the beast. After finishing their meal, the adventurers were loaded onto the Chief’s son’s boat and set sail for the other village, with the travel time being half the local day, so that the party would get in by sundown. While in route to the next village, Steele attempted to recruit the manliest looking of the three seamen on board into Tri-Alpha, using Beyonce as an incentive. Unfortunately for Steele, the man was already married, and a momma’s boy on top of that, so he was not interested and the topic was dropped. A short while later, the convoy came under attack by a few sea creatures, a Royal Ludroth and its two pack members. The monsters leapt up onto the boat and began to engage party. Through an obscene series of crits and poor dice rolls on the monsters’ part, the Royal Ludroth found its reproductive organs blown off by Steele’s rifle and fled, one Ludroth was killed, and the final was grappled by The Vine. Party fired at the retreating Royal Ludroth and slew it, then returned to the grappled Ludroth and blew its brains out point blank. All three corpses were retrieved, and strapped to the side of the boat to be used later. The rest of the voyage passed uneventfully, with lunch being served offscreen. By sundown, the party had arrived at Tall Tree Village and were met by their chief, Rapidrunner, who explained the local situation in greater detail. Some creature had been attacking the village and ambushing people in their beds. The chief showed them one of the attacked houses, with its wall sliced off, blood and offal covering the interior, and the body gone. He also showed them the second piece of evidence, a shimmering silver spine, dripping with venom. After a quick dinner, the party departed for the jungle and planned to set up an ambush that very night. They built a deadfall in a clearing, and notched a set of five nearby trees so that they could be rapidly collapsed into the deadfall. Beyonce then used her boys, who were ordered to feign sleep, to bait the trap, and the party retreated for the treetops to wait. Unfortunately, due to the large concentration of boys in the trap, the beast instead decided to attack one of the groups up in the trees, specifically, The Vine and Finlye. Missing Finlye on its first pass, the creature was then fired upon by Steele and charged by Finlye, with The Vine descending to ground level to gain better mobility. The creature then sent a salvo of toxic spines at Steele, who took a few and was poisoned, before Steele returned fire. The rest of party supported Steele and Finlye from their tree, when the creature attempted to knock them loose with a sonic attack, which failed, but cost the party their turn. At this point, Steele had done enough damage that the creature decided to shift its focus to him and did so. Steele and the creature began to trade blows, with Finlye and The Vine harassing from the side, while Beyonce buffed Steele using her cheerleading. Nora and Fionna were too far out of range to help by this point. Forcing the creature into the underbrush, Steele was finally able to weaken it to the point where Finlye finished it off. After a set of PER and INT checks, the party realized that the creature was a mother and likely had cubs, so Finlye tracked down its den and found the two cubs, which were taken in by party. The mother’s corpse was dragged back to the village for preservation, and the party went to bed. The next day, they returned to the original village with their spoils, and received their rewards, made of the corpses of the creatures they killed.

Noteworthy Postgame Events