July 24, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Barry (Hmm... You don't look so well. Would you prefer burial or cremation?)
Jennifer (If it's a mutate that is worth having, then I have it or can do it.)
Mogradin (Deathknight of Anubis)


Adventurers needed for a rescue mission. Meet at Warehouse #7 in Centralia

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers arriving at Warehouse 7 are again greeted by Harold. He explains to them that his organization has developed equipment to move things between dimensions. A group was sent out to do some surveys of a world and have not been able to be contacted. He explains briefly how the equipment works [GM note: details are in my July 17 write up if you want them], and offers them 2000 sp to go and find out what happened to the survey team.

The party is sent to the target dimension, arriving at a desert cliffside with a tunnle leading into it. Jennifer notices faint tracks and leads the party into the chamber. The tunnle is lined with murals depicting great events. They desend downward a level, finding more murals and two sealed chambers with notes from the survey team the rooms are not to be disturbed until profressionals can deal with them. Jennifer promptly goes ethereal and enters the chamber. She finds alot of furnishings and other household items. While they are well crafted, they have obviously been entombed for a long time and have little value. She smashes a bunch of it and returns to the group.

They head down another level, finding two more sealed chambers with notes. They ignore both. Descending another level, they find a cavernous room filled with raised platforms about 2 feet high and 6 feet long. These are later figured out to be graves. They find the remains of survey team. they are badly mutilated, crushed and chopped up. They count seven bodies, leaving one unaccounted for. Galenia scoops some of one of the bodies into a cooking pot to take back to Harold.

Jennifer goes further down the chamber, finding a large stone Sarcophogus at the end of the room. Using heat vision, she notices part of the tomb is warmer than the surrounding rock. As she approaches she finds the warm area to be a trough of clay. The clay forms up into a roughly human figure. It promptly proceeds to slash her with a knifelike hand. Jennifer flies upward and shoots the figure in the head. It collapses into a pile of clay. She is then able to look around and find the eigth memeber of the group.

The rest of the party runs up at hearing a disturbance. Galenia Whitch Smellers the Tomb and the clay, both are very magical. Jennifer scoops the clay into a sack. The two Anubisites feel uneasy with the idea of opening any graves and the group leaves.

On the way out, the clay figure cuts out of the bag and proceeds to attack the party. Jennifer tries several times to Charm it to sleep, to no effect. After awhile of watching the rest of the party descides to help out, except for Barry who runs off down the tunnles toward the exit. After a long while of chopping at the figure, it once again collapses into a pile. To the party's discomfort, Jennifer once again collects the creature in a bag. She then uses Elemental Mastery to encase it in an adamentite sphere for safer keeping.

The party leaves the tunnles and activates their signal to go home. After waiting a day for a response, the party is returned to Jearn and paid. Jennifer takes the clay home with her for study. Galenia leaves the cooking pot with the remains with Harold; who seems, to Galenia's surprise, completly disguested with her. Players recieve 2500 experience.

Noteworthy Postgame Events