September 15, 2018

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Michael Woods
Tumbleweed (Gunslinger Extraordinaire)
Almak (A dwarf that likes to swing his hammer.)
Ol' McDonald (An actual farmer.)
The Vine


Adventurers urgently needed to retrieve our scientists from a nearby planet and investigate cause of mass disturbance.

Plot Synopsis

As per the posting's urgency, the adventure began within 24 hours of the posters going up. Squads of scientists, interns, and security guards sent to scout out a nearby planet for resources went quiet, only the remaining scientists at main camp holding out against some unknown terror, the only comprehensible part of their distress signals being something about a fungus. Upon arrival in a provided shuttle ship, landing near the camp, the scientists were quickly located and ushered into the adventurer's ship as one of the scouting squads seemed to return. However, they had been infected by what seemed to be some sort of "collective mind" fungus, and combat broke out as the scientists fled. After defeating the infected, party held out inside one of the camp buildings until the ship could be sent back to retrieve them.

Noteworthy Postgame Events