September 22, 2018

Game Master
Jean Watts
Thorden Craghammer
Thorven Craghammer


Dragon's? We are scared.

Plot Synopsis

Party hired to investigate cave systems beneath Jaern as Dragon skeletons were found and the Neptunians wanted to make sure that there weren't any dragons in the caves so they sent party to explore and search for evidence that dragons are living in the caves. Party searched through the caves initially finding dragon scales(JPW032) after fighting off some cave slugs. As they continued exploring party found a suspicious mushroom which Baylorf ate causing him to have magical burps and go a bit more insane. He them DI'd to Zepherin(for the second time that day) and burped in his face so Zepherin alter formed him to look like Pinocchio(horribly skinny and knobby with a big long nose). Party continued on and fought off water elementals. At the beginning of the fight they heard a horrible screech. After the fight they found a dragon nest and egg. Party pushed a button given to them by Liz(The Neptunian that hired them) that called her to their location. She saw the egg and advised everyone to leave. Everyone but Baylorf left. He stayed to search for the dragon. He found the dragon and instantly teleported away. Party was paid 1000 silver each and everyone received the dragon scales(JPW032).

Noteworthy Postgame Events