September 08, 2018

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Thorden Craghammer


Explorers needed to find suspected underground sea.

Plot Synopsis

K’tel meets with the prospective adventurers. Glarbo, Clorbo, Blumbo and Blorbo show up at 2am and harass Katie (female lizard acolyte) who is minding the doors. She shows them to a room with a small pool and closes the door. They entertain themselves until noon.
Thorden shows up on time and is brought to a room with K’tel. The Bos are then brought in. K’tel tells them that a stupid fish had alerted the Natatorium of a underground sea. They agree to help and are ported into the hold of a boat. Glarbo almost shoots himself in the foot thinking it would help him out of the water. Thorden got out of the water and found the door. When he opens the door he meets some crew coming down to investigate the gunshot they heard. They work out that the Natatorium sent them to help find the entrance to the underground sea.
They then sailed for 8 days south before they found a cave entrance. On the way they noticed a smaller ship may have been following them but if so it kept out of sight after that.
They rowed a skiff into the cave as far as it would go. They wanted to investigate underwater but did not think about a light source. They sent Clorbo back to the ship where he was loaned an orb with Phodite. While he was coming back the other Bos realized they had some already and gave the orb to Thorden after some contemplation. Thorden swims further into the cavern and finds it opens up into a cavern. Along a wall was a ledge he could walk along. After walking along for a while it eventually reached a corner around which was a vast cavern and a beach. The Bos caught up with him and decide this must be the place and have Thorden toss the coin he was given into the water. They decide to leave but are stopped by some sharks. After some shooting and hacking with an ax they kill 2 of them and injure another that gives up. Thorden took the distraction to swim back to the boat getting bit along the way. The others came out and Blumbo got some healing by Thorden. Then they went back to the ship.
The crew did not know what they were going to do with the adventurers and hoped for some sort of signal by the Natatorium. Glarbo impatient with not knowing what will happen made a successful random DI to Zepherin. The next morning the party is informed that they now have a way to get them back to the Natatorium to avoid the 9 month boat trip. Getting into the holding pool they then are transported back to the Natatorium where they are paid 2000sp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events