June 26, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Dr. Winder
Sonny - Priest of Ra


People needed to help prevent chaos. Please meet at the Solarium after noon worship, ask for Sonny.

Plot Synopsis

Adventures show up around noon and are offered the opportunity to join in the celebration of the Glory of Ra. All three decline. After the ceremonies, they are met by an older gentleman who introduces himself as Sonny. He explains that there were several disapearances of new initiates a few months ago, origionally believed to simply be runaways. These were trained mages of about sixteen who were assumed to have had a change of heart. Shortly thereafter, several bodies were found leading them to believe the group was killed.

Recently, a journal was discovered, hidden in the students' room. It contained writings about their plan to ressurect Ra. That He was not in fact dead, but has simply left until he was needed again. It continued that in order to bring back Ra, they would begin to create chaos until it was at a point He could no longer ignore. They would fake their deaths to prevent people from coming after them. The journal concludes with an entry that they were going to a small monestary about a four day sail from Lojem.

Sonny explains that the island contains three Hirudo who are suspended in some type of devine energy field. They know little about it, other than what it contains, and its magics are such that they have not been able to be breached with normal means. Sonny believes that these group of students intends to try to release the three that are trapped there, although he has no idea how. He wants the group to go there and try to bring the students back so they can be taught the error of their ways.

Sonny and a mage from the Solarium accompany the party to the island. The mage casts a locate to see if the students are on the island, there is a negative result. The group goes ashore and meets James, the head of the monastary. He tells them that nothing unusual happening in the area, except for a ship that stopped to make some repairs several months ago, before the disapearances.

They descide to take watches to make sure the students are not able to get to the Hirudo in the basement. Winder and two of the temple priests take watch on the roof, while Siilex teaches the rest to gamble in the dormatories nearby. During watch, Winder is grappled by the priests, but breaks free. They then both lightning bolt him, killing him instantly.

At the sound of the lightning bolts, the priests in the dormatories attack Daglon, Siilex, and Sonny. Much fighting ensues with Daglon having his strength drained to prevent him from using his Holy Weapon. As all seems hopeless, Daglon calls out to Tor to give him the strength to stop his attackers. Tor grants his request, returing Daglon's strength to him. Siilex promptly Halt Times the building, rendering Tor aid useless.

Siilex then flies out of the building, looking for the sourse of the lightning bolts. He finds two people walking toward the dormatories, and Halt Times them as well. Upon finding Winder's body, he casts a Soul Catcher in the attempt to save the doctor. Then he flies to the boat to report what he found and get help from the sailors. With some struggle, they manage to get the two captured.

Siilex and the sailors then attempt to subdue the people in the dormatories. Daglon is able to fight off his attackers, as one of the sailors tears a person's head off. One of the attackers manages to run off into the night. Siilex flies her down, and halt times her as she reaches the water. They manage to subdue her and take all of them back to the ship.

On the trip back, Siilex harrasses the captives for several days until they reach Lojem. The learn that the entire group that attacked them were hirudo and had replaced the Raites stationed there. The students they were looking for were not located. Sonny doesn't want to keep several Hirudo in the Solarium at Rougtero so agrees to house them at an undisclosed location of Siilex's with Raite supervision. In addition, one of the captives is trasported to the stockade.

Adventures are paid 3,000 sp and are awarded 2500 exp with penalties for dying.

Noteworthy Postgame Events