September 01, 2018

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Andrew Noel
Alexander (Ex Torite that doesn't like too much shennanigans.)
Kamir Elos


Adventurers needed to escort a priest of Neptune from prison to finish his mission.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers escorted Morris, the priest of Neptune, to the base of a mountain after fighting off wolves. They come across the Bismati brothers, two guards trying to stop them from going into the cave. They persuade the Bismati brothers to leave. They entered the cave, fought off some poisonous exploding slugs, and placed the pearl in a lake inside of the cave. They went back and, after eating some very good sushi, they went to the temple of Neptune. Wilben now teaches dance lessons there. The Bismati brothers have also joined the cause and will assist in digging tunnels for Neptue's plan.

Noteworthy Postgame Events