September 01, 2018

Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
Aña Tepiv
Ol' McDonald (An actual farmer.)
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)


Adventurers needed to clear a site for our village. Meet our caravan at Fallen Bolt Bluff (Portal 8294)

Plot Synopsis

Anya Tepiu
Mindra Vii
Party arrived on plane, and met with the village chief who tasked them with removing two large megafauna in the local area. Explored the top of a nearby cliff and encountered a little local wildlife in the form of two giant bugs. After farmer blended one of them in the blades of his helicopter and the other was driven off, they continued to stalk the first of the beasts, a Deviljho. After locating the creature while riding Farmer’s helicopter, they proceeded to observe it from the air. The deviljho attacked them by jumping up, but consistently fell short. After a while, the party dropped altitude and engaged. Farmer’s helicopter was damaged in the initial salvo, with him desperately piloting it away to crash as the battle ended. The creature itself was killed by Mindra using The Drowning on it. The crash disabled the cart’s helicopter mode, and the party proceeded on foot. Entering the deceased creature’s lair, they found a floor of hyper fertile bone meal, and the remains of several creatures, including one they later determined to be the second creature they were to slay. Exiting the lair, Farmer was attacked by a few Jaggi, which he and the rest of party fought off. Travelling to the lake, they learned of the demise of the second creature. The party double checked its lair, found a few gems and some ore, then returned to the village for payment.
Silver: 2000 - 4000 (Depending on whether they sold or kept the gems)
Exp: 2600
Other: Glowing gems, they function as torches and require submersion to recharge.

Noteworthy Postgame Events