June 12, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Joel Gunderson
Fred (He hates everything!)
Meow Kitty
Solen Baraduke


Retrieve a person for the temple.

Plot Synopsis

The party was hired by Solon Baraduke after a meeting in the Drathorian Inn. Solon instructed the party to retrieve a person whose help the temple required. After multiple assurances that the person (whose name was Dilvish) would willingly accompany the party back to Rougtero, they left for the portal farm. They ported through into Liston in Geleia and took a ship named the Bawdy Lady to the isles. This ship had been commandeered by the Anubians. The voyage across the open sea was uneventful; however, the party was attacked by an Akvodrako upon entering the archipelago. The cefo was eaten and the boat sunk in short order. Some of the crew then proceeded to hire on with Khelek and start training as his beat-down squad. The rest took one of the canoes he produced from his "bag" and left. The party then took to the back of a Shadow Mount drako and continued on to the island chain. They performed some investigative work and were able to determine the location of the temple where Dilvish was residing. They were also able to determine that the legend of Dilvish was hundreds of years old. Thompson was able to uncover an ancient shrine concealed under a large house in one of the cities on the island. He entered the shrine and picked up the gem left on the altar; the gem proceeded to talk to him. Among other things it informed Thompson how to affix the gem to the hilt of his sword, which he did. Upon leaving the house, the party was attacked by three large black lizards wielding great swords and another creature that strongly resembled a bipedal praying mantis. They achieved victory by slaying the lizards and driving off the praying mantis. They then used a Shadow Mount to catch up to a boat that had left the archipelago and rode it the rest of the way back to Geleia. They returned to Rougtero where they were paid and informed of their necessity on the next mission.

Noteworthy Postgame Events