April 14, 2018

Game Master
Dan Dubriwny
Anna Foamwake Mercury (I do so try to look good and be my best)
Ol' McDonald (An actual farmer.)
Other adventures


Adventurers wanted to find someone

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were hired to find someone on another planet and entertain the corgy. They quickly found out it a dream corgy which is the pet of a young goddess of dreams. Most of the adventurers had a good time in the dreams but ol McDonald kept running away and therefore hunted by the giant adorable dream corgy. They eventually made their way to their destination where they found another corgy who turned in to The Mad God. It was unclear which of the three entities were actually in charge of the dreams at this point but it didn't really matter. Everyone got paid the money from the employer and something from The Mad God.

Noteworthy Postgame Events