March 15, 2018

Game Master
Zachary Berglund
Tim (Genius, magical researcher, and the closest thing to a doctor in this backwards plane)
Lili (Cute dragon girl)
Ayusha (A dual priest of Orus and Osiris who's looking to make friends.)
Bane (Strong enough to wrestle a dragon. Sarcastic enough to taunt it into doing so.)
Diogo ()


Adventurers needed to investigate a Strange Collusion

Plot Synopsis

Party started on what was a tier 2-3 game but ended up 3-4.
Party was new to the world and traveled to various temples to meet the priests and learn about their magics.
Then party assaulted the location of the various colluding priests. There were two obelisks that seemed indestructible which targeted party at random for a 5d6 PWR save or take damage equal to 1/4 of the units that they have.
They faced Hylonians, Phamers, Tarnavs, Schimites. There were 20 enemies.

Party then assulted the weakened temple and captured the underwater temple.

Noteworthy Postgame Events