March 03, 2018

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage (Fedor K. CHR214))
Tumbleweed (Gunslinger Extraordinaire)
Rell (An assassin who likes knees)
Almak (A dwarf that likes to swing his hammer.)


Team needed to recover an item from an overrun fortress. 10000 sp. Meet through portal LXIX from the alpha site at 8pm Centralia time and go to the Gasthaus. Dwarves preferred.

Plot Synopsis

Background: An old fortress that used to belong to Jakan Stohnk’lar an old Dwarven king and has served as his final resting place has been overrun by Orcs who killed the priest of Anubis that had been overseeing the tomb located near the top of the mountain. The kingdom wishes to retrieve the sarcophagus but does not care about the location as it was abandoned.
The tomb is behind a carved wall image of the king sitting in his throne. Written in Dwarvish above it is “Here lies Jakan Stohnk’lar king of the Dwarves” Underneath that it says “Those who seek an audience with the king must have the key and upon showing reverence will see the path forward”. When knelt in front of an encrypted message can be seen that says “Place the key upon the king’s knee”

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The Gasthaus has been built to the left of the portal opening.

Carolynne and Tumbleweed show up first and take a seat at the table the bartender tells them to use. A waitress gets them some Raalst steaks. Qrow shows up dejected after failing to catch fish. Rell then shows up and tries to recruit Tumbleweed into Alpha Alpha Alpha. Cain (Hooded Man) and Almak then are the last to show.
Bram Dyrt shows up. He explains the scenario and they agree. They all go to Eirlany and board the Misting Flame. That then sails for 2 days. They then set sail. Qrow and Rell try fishing. After a bit Rell gets a nible from a giant squid. It pulls Rell into the water but after a few rounds it gives up and swims away.
After 2 days they arrive at the island. Cain flies over and Qrow gets on the surfboard and uses gravity dust to get to the island while the others take the skiff. They arrive at a dock and follow stairs up. After reaching the end they do not find a door. While searching Carolynne finds the entrance 20 feet before the end of the stairway. Almak leads the party into the inner stairway up. He hears some sort of conversation up ahead. Cain squeezes on past up to a door. Quietly he opens the door and uses a mirror to look around the corner of a massive throne that is in front of the door. There he sees 4 orcs playing cards. He casts some blood magic and then uses the surprise to cast again. Still shocked he is able to cast one more time killing them off but not before Tumbleweed and Carolynne fire their guns as Rell impales one. Cain quickly shuts the doors to the throne room and casts a punch door. They then go up to the crypt room through another door. There they find the body of a Dwarven priest of Anubis.
Meanwhile Qrow has worked his way up to the top of the fortress and sees 5 orcs on lookout. Before he tries to jump them they head down a stair as an alert has been set by the parties gunfire. He follows.
The rest of the party see the mural and work out the coded message and use the key to release a hidden panel. Cain reaches in then finds a handle when pulled opens a hidden door. He, Rell and Tubleweed go in and the door shuts behind them. There in the room is the sarcophagus they need along with a few items. Cain shatters the doorway that had closed and gets Rell to lift up the sarcophagus. Rell then ENDWARFs but accidently has his hawk and pygmy dragon dislocate his arm dropping the sarcophagus which reverts to normal. He drops the Endwarf and Cain defers another for him. He and the party gather the items and the Anubian’s corpse and head on down.
Qrow had followed the orcs down to the throne room door where they are failing to break in. He taps one on the shoulder and is grabbed. He breaks free and runs back up to the tower room where he quickly activates some lightning and gravity dust. The following orcs end up on the ceiling as he jumps onto the surfboard and out the window. The orcs shoot at him a few times before he is out of sight going down to the sea. There he meets up with the others and then they all head to the boat that brought them. They make it back and collect their reward. Dicing off Tumbleweed does not get a pick of the items but Rell and Qrow give him their share of the silver.

Noteworthy Postgame Events