March 01, 2018

Game Master
Todd Osborn
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)
Hydan (A Priest of Alamar in search of redemption in the eyes of his god. (Anything to further the cause))
Link Atemest (......*Pottery Noises*)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage (Fedor K. CHR214))
Sombra Nightshade (A rogue with a habit of getting killed in new and fascinating ways, this adventurer has plenty of oddities to make things interesting)
Tim (Genius, magical researcher, and the closest thing to a doctor in this backwards plane)


Help needed to remove a large rock that fell from the sky.

Plot Synopsis

After showing up and being greeted by the employer, the party went out to investigate the fallen rock. Upon investigating the rock, the party discovered that is was a crashed ship with a person inside. To help the ship move again, the party fixed the magical reactor. The ship was then removed from the grounds and the party satisfied their job.

Noteworthy Postgame Events