February 17, 2018

Game Master
Joshua Ellison
Kira Jackson


adventurers wanted to return a crystal to an overrun temple

Plot Synopsis

Kira Jackson, Badigadi, Rena, Retsu, and Mithral met with a half elf who offered them 10 silver just to go off plane and meet with the real employer which they did. After meeting with Zelda, the party agreed to head to the Forest Temple and return the crystal to it's proper place. Inside the temple the party ran into a whole bunch of different monsters and after beating them went down the elevator to the bottom floor. On the bottom floor they fought a phantom that had 4 additional copies of himself helping in the fight. This, combined with the ability to quickly teleport around the room made for a challenging fight for the party as Kira was knocked down in to the teens on DP and Badigadi had to burn a resurect item. After a harrowing battle the party prevailed and got paid the 1010 silver pieces they were owed.
Noteworthy events: some steel weapons and shields were given out
JJE027 ring of defer was given out again
JJE060 adamant elven chain was given out again

Noteworthy Postgame Events