February 13, 2018

Game Master
Todd Osborn
Rell (An assassin who likes knees)
Wrex Vakarian


Scrublords needed to handle some noobs.

Plot Synopsis

Upon arriving at Allister's tower, the party was pointed in the direction of the job. Sent to Skye's place on the back of a dragon, the party moved out. Upon arriving at Skye's place, the party found out that Skye never needed anything. Instead, Allister sent the party as a joke. Fortunately they were all able to clear up the situation and helped out Skye. Skye recently written a new interactive experience for the party to test out. In return, she would pay the party for cooperation. Once the party entered the simulation, they quickly cleared levels, solved riddles, and defeated monsters. Upon leaving the simulation, party members that dies within the simulation found out that they were drastically weaker then before. They were then informed that their strength should return in 4 months.

People who died: Qrow, Rell, Wrex, Elm. Upon death, they received 2 random inferior stats, that'll remain until April 10, 2018.
Qrow: COM, CSE
Rell: WIL, PER
Wrex: PWR, PWR

Noteworthy Postgame Events