February 03, 2018

Game Master
Ian Reidenbach
Wrex Vakarian
Leo (Lizard rogue and Osirisite who enjoys nature.)
Xerys (Elven Psionic Edgelord Assassin)
Lavare (The Cursed Air Microdragon)
Sir Bartholew
Sir Dagonet


Help needed breaking a dragon out of a prison

Plot Synopsis

adventures set out from the hiring. accidentally di several times to the god of chaos on the way to the prisons support village and fight the crazy things that ensue. They reach the village, almost get arrested by the prisons head of security or worse several times (while in town, not the prison). They eventually manage to sneak into the prison. A majority of party attempts to start a prison break in a maximum security torite prison (to obvious results) while one of the party members actually tries to find the dragon. She (Xerys) does and manages to release the dragon, saving party from the torites and completing the mission

Noteworthy Postgame Events