August 03, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown


The party collected at the Sepulchre in Rougtero after reading a wanted poster requesting aid to find a stolen item.

Plot Synopsis

The party collected at the Sepulchre in Rougtero after reading a wanted poster requesting aid to find a stolen item.

They were met by a young functionary named Fendil, who described the mission. After the proper forms were filled out and filed, and the releases read, initialed, signed and filed, and then the promises of discretion taken, Fendil led them to the scene of the crime.

There they saw the body of Pendick, and an empty pedistal. Fendil allowed the party to share his vision as he looked and Pendick's Last Vision. They saw the face of Pendick's murderer, and the strange longsword used to kill him. Fendil also supplied another clue found at the scene; a silver coin from Galeia.

The party spend a day preparing, then set forth toward the Portal Farm. They passed through some known portals to Galeia, and searched Southam for the maker of the sword, but could not locate him.

They traveled by Portal to Centralia to consult the Wizard's Guild. No help there, either.

They returned to Rougtero and began a search there. One of the party members went to the marketplace to consult a trusted source, when he spied the murderer at a food vendor's cart. He followed the culprit until the rest of the party arrived, at which point they promptly jumped the man and pulled him into an alley. Chance was not on the side of the man, as a fateful grab by the party broke his knee cap. The party dragged him to a shop owned by one party member and interrogated the man. ( he later died, and one of the priests 'collected' his soul into a rock. )

During the process, the shop owner had a customer, who requested a custom made dagger for his wife. A bargain was struck, and the shop owner made the dagger.

The lead they gained was to the docks. They decided that they needed a ship to take them to other islands, probably in a trade route to Galeia. They ventured out for a day, then retuned to Rougtero.

They went back to the Sepulchre to get more info and resources. They were informed that the matter had been handled, the item recovered, and Fendil was reassigned.

Overall, the adventure took twelve days, ending on 1-26-10038.

Noteworthy Postgame Events