January 20, 2018

Game Master
Brady Black
Deus (Master swordsman, and owner of interplanar trade route)
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Anna Foamwake Mercury (I do so try to look good and be my best)
Velvet Scarlatina (A true justice Torite who starting adventuring to gain experience in dealing with adventurers, her determination is the only thing keeping her sane at this point)
Pyth (Ethereal Human psion who explores out of boredom, can be rather impulsive.)



Plot Synopsis

Scorpio dropped a Phyrexian Obliterator upon a kingdom that was then conquered by deus later on thus becoming his problem. The creature mysteriously disappeared for quite a few months but citizens of the kingdom would go missing. After a while they finally connected the dots and with the help of dungeon Durrie they tracked down the base that was holding the Obliterator. At this point they realized this wasn't what it was when it was dropped off, water mages had messed with it, the thing was even more hyper aggressive and had a black slime upon it's back. After a long fight and a reality marble the adventures seemed to emerge with a victory, after a few days of recovery and such it was found that some of the body's of the members of the resistance had gone missing. Thus future problems instill.

Noteworthy Postgame Events