January 11, 2018

Game Master
Patrick W Pryor
Julie (Dwarf, 5' 4)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
Hydan (A Priest of Alamar in search of redemption in the eyes of his god. (Anything to further the cause))
Diogo ()


Adventurers needed to stop rampaging demons

Plot Synopsis

Out adventures were tasked with the mission to find and kill a rampaging demon. After agreeing to terms and pay to party sets off. They arrive at the portal and walk to Kaede’s village. Once there they eat and rest up for the trip to Shiori’s village. The next they head head to the village and notice there is not protective dome. The party inquires about the dome and are informed the priestess is dead and her guard is missing. From here the party splits. A few head to where the priestess was seen. Meanwhile the rest of the party is protecting the village from another attack and hid the villagers for their protection. While on the lookout at the village there are very many demon dogs running toward the village from the south. The defending party members wipe out all the demon dogs before they even reached the village. The scout party returns with the priestess’s body. Without the priestess the village will be defenseless. The party struggles to figure out how to bring the priestess back to life. They have ideas only very costly. Luckily Inuyasha and Kagome show up. Kagome uses very much of her energy to revive the priestess . As soon as the priestess is revived so is the dome. The party then sets their sights on the demons. They travel with Kagome and Inuyasha to the demon hideout. Once there Kagome tries to detect jewel shards. Since she is not able to sense one they turn and leave the party. The party enters the dungeon where the demons are hiding out. As the party explores the dungeon they find many furs and silver. They run into many demons as the try to find the demon running the show here. At a few points the party had a really rough time. Kimberly, Julie, and Hydan run into a room with fire mage like demons. Hydan dies and Kimberly is hurt very badly by many fireballs going off. Julie and Kimberly kill the demons and heal up. Meanwhile Diogo and Finlye find a room full of treasure chests. Some were trapped while some were not. As they pick through the chest Finlye sets off a trap, unable to resist he falls asleep. Worried about his party member Finlye, Diogo tries to wake him up. After hitting Finlye in both faces mulitple times he figured since he won’t wake up he checks the final chest. He ends up setting off anther trapped chest that he could not resist. Diogo falls asleep. Eventually Diogo’s own snoring woke him up. He wakes up and tries to find the rest of the party. Once the party regrouped they woke up Finlye. Then the find the stair and move on the the boss floor. As they navigate to the boss the kill more demon dogs. The party reaches the demon boss room and prep. As the final fight begins it ends. In just several seconds the boss was defeated. The party leaves and returns the Kaede’s village. The sell the furs and collect their payment. Kimberly and Julie stay behind a little longer to learn more about the plane and the culture of the people and demons on the plane.

Noteworthy Postgame Events