January 13, 2018

Game Master
Zachary Berglund
Lhamo Dondrub
Rell (An assassin who likes knees)
Princess (Warrior/For Justice and Honor)
Pyth (Ethereal Human psion who explores out of boredom, can be rather impulsive.)


Adventurers needed to be distractions

Plot Synopsis

Party ventured to a past Futura and introduced a new buisness on plane, Bar and Grill and something else we'll you about later.

Some members ventured and entered the arena to help advertise thier new buisness and started a new thing called Meme's and Dabbing.
Which gain so much following that this created the embodiment of the Dab, which the god instantly smited, therefore causing a distraction.

gave out 7,000 silver

Noteworthy Postgame Events