November 18, 2017

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Syzygy Shanks
Falknor ()
Quarrel (More perceptive than 90% of other T'orites!)


Captain Kri’tah of the ship Morning Loss is seeking protection of his crew and investigation of disappearances over the last few trips. Meet at the One Eyed Jack in Rougtero at 9am.

Plot Synopsis

Kri’tah arrives after the Adventurers and tells them that he had lost 8 crew over the last few trips. The party agrees to meet at the ship at noon.

They leave and head west. The party decides who is taking what watch and then they eat diner. Nothing happens the first night. Quarrel gives join coins to each crew member.

On the second day Chuck and a crew member go missing during 3rd watch. Chuck failed a WIL check and fell asleep.

In the morning the party figure out they are missing. Adolf smells that there were 2 lizards that had come aboard and into that room. The join coin had been left behind as the crew member did not have it on them. Falknor asks the others if Chuck had anything unique on him and was told he had a weapon made out of the same material another device they had. After putting the other object into a portal bag he used find to determine where Chuck may have been taken. He has the party get in the bag and headed to the in that direction. When he gets there the party came out of the bag. Wrex and Wez ran off into the woods towards the center of the island.

Syg spots a golden goose and chases it down. When he caught it he turned into the goose and released the mayor Gartik from the curse. As the goose he ran then flew away from the mayor. Getting close to the party he flew off to the south west. The party hears the mayor calling out and they find him. Thinking he had something to do with the missing crew they tie him up and have him lead them towards town. He says the last thing he remembers was from 4 months ago when he found a cage with a golden goose on his front step. When asked if anything else notable had happened before he mentions an old blind man had also found a blue egg a few days earlier.
The party continued on towards town and find it empty of people but note lights at the arena on the north side of town and head there. The party, except for Quarrel, ran into the arena when they saw Chuck and the missing crew. Quarrel goes around the grandstands and ends up behind Chikan. Chikan was yelling about bringing Dessus back to life and then says to let the creatures out and show the non-believers. At that point 6 bouncer demons and 2 large creatures come out of cages along the sides of the arena. The party starts to fight even though Quarrel tried to Divine word people to not fight. Most of the party could not hear over the crowd. During the fight they notice blue light going from the creatures when attacked into the blue orb at the center of the arena. Quarrel then entered the arena and tried to grab the orb but found it too heavy. After not being able to put it into the portal bag he tried to get out of the arena only to hit some sort of invisible wall. As combat continues Elm starts making the smaller demons run off in fear from the party. Quarrel does another DIVINE WORD to attack the orb. Most everyone starts doing that meanwhile due to some chaos magic Falknor is possessed to heal things and is healing the orb while the others damage it. Eventually they crack the egg and find it contained a small now dead demon. They take care of the rest of the demons and after a minute find they can leave the arena, no longer contained by whatever kept them there.
Falknor grabs a squirrel out of the woods and throws it at the goose which when hit becomes the goose freeing Syg. Then they gather the crew and bring them back to the ship. The rest of the trip is uneventful and they are paid for their time and 5000 silver split amongst them.

Noteworthy Postgame Events