July 27, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Saidi Deva


Fehde gathered people at the Spectral Meteor to help him on a personal quest.

Plot Synopsis

Fehde gathered people at the Spectral Meteor to help him on a personal quest. There was some deliberation about payment, but everyone generally got along during the discussion.

They were to go on a trip deliver a message. The recipient would then provide a service to Fehde. This was all a little vague, but would become clearer later.

They worked for three days to prepare weapons and gear.

They traveled for three days to an island, one that they were told was manufactured to look like an active volcano. They climbed the cone and looked inside. After deciding that the information they'd gathered was pretty much true, they deemed it safe to climb down.

They searched the area and found a couple of items. Also, they found the entrance mechanism, and activated it. It opened a stair downward into a cavern. In this cavern, they were told, awaited a beast and The Dweller in the Dark.

The got to the bottom, and were immediately attacked by the beast. It took little time for the party to subdue the beast, at which point they promptly killed it.

The Dweller in the Dark welcomed them, and provided hospitality, such as it was in a cave. Discussion ensued regarding the message brought, and the service requested. A bargain was struck. Fehde is to collect items that will allow the Dweller to complete the request made of him. In return, Fehde is to collect a few more items that will allow the Dweller to return to his home. (See lists below)

They waited a bit in the Dweller's domicile to rest and heal before continuing on to explore the cavern. The Dweller mentioned that there might be more beasts living nearby, and that they had a habit of collecting things.

The party found a nest with two beast larvae. They took the larvae captive, and looted the collection of stuff. The 'stuff' consisted mostly of metal ores, raw crystals, and such.

They were told that half of the loot was to be left there. Of the remainder, one half was to be used to acquire items for the Dweller to return home. The rest was to be divvied up.

The party moved its loot to the ship, but found out too late that the larvae could not live in sunlight. They melted. They did return to the adult's body, and hollowed out the carapice. They managed to get the carapice loaded on the ship as part of their loot.

They returned to Rougtero on 10-15-10037

The ores and such were sold, and the proceeds divied up to the four party members.

Noteworthy Postgame Events