December 09, 2017

Game Master
Todd Osborn
Rell (An assassin who likes knees)
Salvan Galvai (Why fight when you can convince them you're their grandmother?)
Noobies [Azel, Carolynee, Beyonce, Kip]


Adventurer's needed to establish a foothold on a planet, so I can mine some resources.

Plot Synopsis

The adventuring party went to a Hyoltl village, and was duped by a shady merchant into exploring a flower field. The party found out that the ring of the merchant wanted, from the previous duping, cause the wearer to turn into a giant flower. After trying to help their party member, Beyonce who turned into a giant flower, large wasps appeared and attacked the party. After defending themselves, the party explored a nearby forest. Following the large wasps, they've discovered a bee hive fit for the giant wasps. Azel, having cast multiple chaos throughout the game, decided to cast chaos on the bee hive. In turn, this killed him, the bee hive, and the general surrounding area. As Azel DI'd, a planar Goddess decided to interfere and raise Azel as the warrior of herself.

Noteworthy Postgame Events