December 02, 2017

Game Master
Zachary Berglund
Vem-Miguel Morayta (Nomad Seeker)
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Ol' McDonald (An actual farmer.)


Adventurer's and Mercenaries needed to push back the Eastern Federation on the eastern front.

Plot Synopsis

Party sieged a castle and faced many enemies along the way.
Party used magicc and creature abilities to sniff out an entrance through the sewer. They then used it to sneakily get a party inside the castle to open the gates from the army. They faced 7 different siege weapons in this fight while having essentially only three of their own. Then after routing the enemy. They faced a tough duel against Lauren and Hoshido where Miguel died, and as a result got upset and drained identity of Hoshido, Cal was able to subdue Lauren.
Tier 2-3, mostly 3 towards the end

Noteworthy Postgame Events