April 13, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)


Fehde is hiring adventures to explore ruins of grayhaven, meet at the Weary Scholar at Noon, No Experience Needed.

Plot Synopsis

getting to a place is half the fun?

we had a bar fight, then a ship fight, then we wandered around the underground ruins of grayhaven and fehde used his new spell [the find spell] to find the lost pool of Isis.

we could have done without the bar fight but Tony N/argen's player/bloodthirsty adventure, started one, same for the fight/panic on the boat, well, everyone was laughing their heads off I just went with the flow. IT WAS FUN. ok the write up

7 to 7:15pm start 7:15pm to 8:25pm meeting/barfight/ 8:30pm to 9pm food break 9pm to 11:15pm ship fight /panic/classic roleplaying/ 11:15pm to 12:20am extending the ship fight/ or fight for the life boat/or it's mine,mine,mine. 12:20am to around 1:30am+ search in the ruins, mess with the water elementals, get adventure done.

barfight notes, NCP's needed bodyguards, tony N, character goes breserk, he wants to kill the npc, the 2nd rate adventurer goes to town on a power mage and almost kills him. wonder of it.

Now what else, ah, kills crewmember in storm then hides body, he did it to hide the fact that he was sabotaging the ship the group was on, continutes to sabotaging the ship, then with the unknowning help of fehde causes panic and [tony N, character] sets fire on the boat because Fehde says the death of the sailor was caused by an octopus. and the crew buys it and PANICS, big time, all the players got into this segment of the game lending their support to the Panic.

NEVER jump into an LIFEBoat-you go though the bottom. the ship is flooding/ the ships is burning/ then the comotion attracts a real Octopus and later some sharks, well with the party fighting to survive and with the octopus and the sharks, the whole ship's crew gets eaten-16 people, killed for real, killed by accident[fedhe rolls a 1 then a 20, with his sissors]. and then group then reaches grayhaven they tell the tail and the natives believe them.

pretty unnecessary but funny as hell. search and find lost temple, Tony N character, mouths off that he will do BAD things to ISis pool when it is found the water elementals, that guard the pool give him a warning, but the warning kills him, opps, well he was playing to die,

4d6 or 5d6[by background] vs power to get in, all people have high enough power to get in and out. Dan -stan gets contacted by water elemental to stay out of an area, he goes along with it but loses his temper when afterward the elementals are not fast enough with his reward, so the elementals get mad and Don't give him what he could have used.

Siilex Alois and Nuamarthiel-the flying mages also help the adventure, so all 4 will pay the adventure site a visit again later,

Fehde pays 1000sp to the living adventures, and their are things in the magic box, holy water, minor healing potions, silver dagger, etc..,

group gets 2500 ep for the adventure.

Noteworthy Postgame Events