November 18, 2017

Game Master
Lhamo Dondrub
Salvan Galvai
Azol Distar


*You receive a message* You have been invited to the reading of the last will and testament of Burgundy Blackmoore.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were invited to a reading of the will of Burgundy Blackmoore, an artist. The will put forth a challenge: the adventurers could enter one of Blackmoore's last painting and keep anything they find, with a payment of one vial of blood. The adventurers accepted, stepping through the painting. Inside, they discovered a village beset by a nigh-unkillable beast. After finding the artifacts used to originally seal the beast, they were able to pin it down and kill it for good, completeing the painting in the process and exiting with their loot.

Noteworthy Postgame Events