March 16, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)


Local group looking to hire adventures as bodyguard for important person. For further information, meet at the Sorry Monkey at 7pm tonight. Rates negotiable

Plot Synopsis

Party arrives at Sorry Monkey around 7pm. The bar is fairly busy, which is normal for this time of day. 5 minutes after seven a man walks into the bar and finds each adventurer and tell them to follow him. He leads them to an empty room with a table and some chairs.

The man, named Gragon, explains that recent events have happened in his organization and he feels that their leader's life may be in danger. He would like to hire them as bodyguards while they escort their leader to a safer location. Payment starts at 35,000 SP and may increase depending on danger level. Gragon pulls out a map containing their current location and the location they are going to. The party asks Gragon to plot a good route through the city with lots of escape route in case something happens. After this, the party begins discussing plans.

In the end, the party decides to simply follow the route on the map. They also decide to shrink the leader they are escorting and place them in Fedhe's pocket. They walk the route and soon they see some movement on the roof of a building. They know an attack is certain, so they get ready and a battle commences. The party wins without much trouble. One of the attackers turns invisible and runs away. Contessa and Larkin and Stan chase him and find that he has gone into a building. They end up setting the building on fire and burning it to the ground. On this day, the wind is strong and a few more building catch on fire, but the fire is put out before it can burn the buildings done.

Party finishes their way to the end location and Gragon thanks them. He tells them he will meet them at the He tells them to meet back up at the Sorry Monkey tomorrow at 2pm to collect their reward. The party does go along with this and decides to stay there to make sure they don't run away on them. They leave the house around 11am and head to the Sorry Monkey. 2pm comes and goes and Gragon hasn't shown up. Around 2:15pm a loud explosion is heard outside the bar. Party sees in the distance a city block is on fire and they also see Gragon run in there direction. He says he will increase their payment if they will come quickly. Party follows Gragon and are led to a burning building. The leader is inside they build and refuses to come out because he knows his attackers are outside waiting for him.

The party acts as a shield for him and he makes it outside. A fight ensues and soon the party is against and unknown type creature firing a weapon that his a beam of green energy. It hits a few of the party members and they become paralized. Stan keeps the party leader safe by stand in front of him. He gets hit with the beam a few times, but remains standing. The party soon have the situation under control and kill a being with the weapon. The party is paid 45,000sp or a random magic item.

Noteworthy Post-game Events

A square block of Centralia was completely destoryed by unknown individuals. The explosion is determined to be a non-magical explosion.

Contessa is wanted in Centralia. A reward of 200sp is posted for her. This reward remains up for three months and is then removed.

Noteworthy Postgame Events