March 09, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Melvyn Ducharme
Alex Dreshin


Local organization interested in hiring adventures for a "cleanup" job. Adventures with any background welcome, but skill with discreetness and ranged weapon preferred.

Plot Synopsis

Adventures will be individually contacted by a shady character with a note telling them to meet at the 5th building north of the 14th light post west of the Centralia Wizards Guild at 7pm. When all adventures arrive at the correct location, a man wearing dark clothes appears out of the shadows. He tells the party that they have been having a problem with a certain group of people and they are interested in hiring adventures to take care of a problem character within the group. They would prefer him to be returned to them alive, but if it becomes a problem, dead is also an option. "The man you are looking for enjoys visiting the many bars in the city, his name is Lodin. You can probably get some information about him by asking around." The man give the party of picture of Lodin. Lynn tells the man that the best way to do the money exchange is to contact him by using a note in box #42 on a location to meet, preferably on another island somewhere. The man agrees and the party forms a plan for searching for Lodin.

Lynn decides that this other group of people may have many spies about and asking for the Lodin in the bars could cause problems for the party. The party splits up and searchs through the bars in Centralia City. Many people hear Lodin's name, but don't get any specific information on him or his location. After a night they don't find out any information. The next day they do the same thing. This time Dom notices a shady character going from bar to bar and confronts him. They discover that he is telling people that Lodin isn't going to be in for a while. He has no information about Lodin or his location because he was hired thought contacts and his task was dropped off in a box. Another group stumbles upon a very well guard house, 4 guards on each side of the house and 8 on the roof. Lynn thinks this is the house Lodin is in, but isn't sure. She goes into the Jewelery store across the street and asks about the house. She finds out that the guards only showed up a few days ago. The party meets up and send Melvyn from bar to bar in the disguise of the shady character they captured. He discovers that the guarded house is indeed Lodin's. The party attempts to come up with a plan, but decide the house to to well guarded.

The party drops a note in box #42 explaining the situation. They are soon contacted with a meeting location and discuss the problem with the man that gave them the job. He gives them a time stop grenade (tech item) that should help them get past the guards.

The party goes to the guarded house. Lynn flys above the house and drops the time stop grenade. All of the guards stop and the party attacks. A few heads explode, some lightning bolts go off and soon all of the guards are dead, or have fled. The party captures Lodin and leave a note with a meeting place in box #42. The meeting takes place and the party is rewarded.

Noteworthy Post-Game Events

Max is wanted in Centralia (for "1st degree littering") and has a 50,000sp reward on his head. (This will turn into a future plot)

Noteworthy Postgame Events