October 22, 2017

Game Master
Bradley Persson
Hooded Man


Adventurers needed to intercept a ship.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers arrived and were tasked with intercepting a spaceship, retrieving data from it, and using that data to retrieve some object of importance. They were given 5k silver up front, 5k upon retrieval of info, and 5k when they delivered the object. They were given looting rights as well, with no restrictions save for the items asked for.

They intercepted the ship, found to be fully automated and a defense measure of destroying itself with a reactor overload. Before this happened, the party walked through traps and automated defenses before disabling them. Esteban, through his smuggling ability, located a hidden compartment that contained a crate with a contraband weapon and drug, as well as a transactor containing an amount of currency.

After this, the party learned the information pointed them to a planet's jungle area. Upon landing, they were greeted with a sort of vision of an object, presumed to be the item they were sent after. The party split up, one part encountering various jungle creatures, the other entering a cave that was later found to contain the objective. In this cave they found a force field of sorts that proved basically impermeable to all attempts to pierce it, including cars. After giving up they discovered a room inhabited by three statues. These statues proved greatly dangerous to the split party, and after a great combat were slain and party reunited to solve the puzzle of the field and retrieve the item.

Object in hand, they were sent to a hidden station where they delivered the item and were paid. Unfortunately, the station fell under attack and they were forced to retreat to the ship and escape under barrage from enemy ships. Before they could be destroyed, they were seemingly teleported back to the station they arrived at where they discovered they had picked up a mysterious passenger. From there, the party left for home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events