October 13, 2017

Game Master
Grant Greene
Raven Hooker (She likes sex)
Fwip [Mirror Sky] (Storms are beautiful.)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
阳小龙 (Don't touch my hair)


Seeking explorers to assess a newly discovered plane. - RHI

Plot Synopsis

The partry was hired at The Random Encounter to perform an initial assessment of a new plane that was revently discovered after a portal to Jaern was opened from the other side. The party went through the portal, which had an obviously chilled/shadowed area about it, and found themselves on a bridge leading to a small 1800s era town, mostly shut down with citizend barricading themselves in their homes for the night. After aiding two orphans that had been kicked out of the town after contracting something they called "Necrophage", the party attempted to purchase a map from a closed general store. Esteban gave quite a fright to the owner by phasing through the door, who cut off his hand in self defense. After taking the map, Estaban then burned down the general store. After reattaching his hand, Estaben went to confession at the church, Ozen went to the church to sleep for the evening, and Hooded Man terrorized the local priest by predenting to be some sort of demon. Meanwhile, Lir made a fun carnival game out of the charred bodies of the store owner and his family, dubbed "Wheel....of...Corpses!". The party that remained outside encountered a ghost bride of some sort that came in from over the water after the town filled with fog, who spent the night flying around the town, shreiking and apparently looking for someone, much to Esteban's panic. The next morning, after Hooded Man freshened up in the baptismal font, the party went to explore a location on the map referred to as "Worldwound". When they got there, they found a series of great tears in the earth, with powerful orange magical energy glowing at the bottom. After throwing drugs and pastries in for a while, Raven and Lir went down to investigate. They fell into the energy, and the party assumed they were dead. After pouring one out for his homies, Esteban got really drunk and also fell in. The three then woke up in various locations on the island, having been transformed into a spooky version of themselves, much to the terror of the citizend of Sleepy Hollow. Hooded Man and Fwip briefly investigated the other island, most of which was covered in pumpkin patches that attacked when you damaged the pumpkins. After the party met back up, they returned to Jaern to report their findings to the employer.

Noteworthy Postgame Events