October 07, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Daydilus (Power guides those who will find their path)
Kro' Gash ()
Mcdudeface (Two shields, know mercy.)
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)


Adventurers wanted to investigate an old family tower.

Plot Synopsis

An elderly gentleman recently came into inheritance of his great-great-great-....-family relation's tower.
All signs point to said being being an old necromancer, and so he hired adventurers to make sure that the building was safe.

Most of the adventurers hired a ship out of [city], and made their way to the iceberg it was settled on, near the south pole, with a pair of them derping around and teleporting.. into the ocean some distance away.
Having no sense of direction (as the ocean looks pretty much the same), they were forced to wait adrift for a day for the boat to reach the intended destination, then made their way over through magical bonds to other party members.

There, they climbed over the fence and disturbed the undead gazebo guardian, which they promptly ripped apart and looted. After a bare cursory glance around the expansive gardens, they short port'd into the tower, continuously portal bag - short port'ing together through as they explored the various rooms.

They discovered a variety of things, such as an acid thingy in the underground lab, a soulstone in the upper floor, and various research materials.
They also discovered a magical refrigerator (which halt times anything put inside while closed), which was eventually donated to an orphanage.

However, the presence of a Ra'ite casting spells triggered a self-destruct mechanism (which party was not aware of), raising an undead aquatic dragon to destroy the iceberg the tower was settled on, causing the building to collapse and shatter into the sea. As this took quite a bit of time, the adventurers were easily able to get out of the tower, make a token attempt at attacking it, before it left. Being highly incapable of dealing with aquatic creatures, the party decided to return to their employer, describing events.

The Rougtero Solarium, who along with the Stockade, were jointly also involved in executing the will, has posted a bounty for the dragon.

Noteworthy Postgame Events