February 23, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Alex Dreshin
Shady Character
Various sailors and adventurers


Experienced adventures wanted for extremely dangerous mission. Due to the risk, you will get paid very well for your services. If interested, leave your name in box #42 at the local post office and you will be contacted with further information.

Plot Synopsis

Adventures were individually contacted by a shady character with a note stating that they should meet at the third building east of the 17th light post to the north of the Wizards Guild in Centralia. When all adventures arrived, a man dressed in dark clothing showed up. He told the party that he is part of a group in the city and that they have lost a very important item to them and that they have just pinpointed the location of. He would like for them to find get this item and bring it back to him. The party asked what the item looked like, and he replied that they would know it when they see it. He continued by warning them that he is afraid that another group may also know the location of the item and may have already sent out their own party to find it. He can promise each adventurer a large reward, to be named by each, for the return of the item. The party is given a bag of healing potions and then lead to a ship where they are sent on their way to an island about 3 days away. On the way to the island, the ship is ambushed by another ship and a fairly quick ship battle takes place. The ship they are fighting begin firing their catapults at them and they fire back. After a few shots back and forth, Argen and Contessa start using (defaulting) their artillery skills on the catapult for quick loading and lethal hit. When the ship is within ballista range, Nuamarathiel tries her (again defaulting) artillery skill on it. A critical hit strikes the enemy ship and it begins slowing sinking. Only a few minor hits are scored against the party’s ship, but the enemy ship eventually sinks and the people on the ship swim away for the party’s ship. The party hulls one of the sailors from the enemy ship to question, but they only find out that they were hired to attack them and had underestimated their ship’s weapons.

The party arrives near the island and they notice another ship, which is unarmed, is already docked there. They flag the ship and it motions them to the dock. They ask the few sailors on the ship’s deck what they are doing. They explain that they are waiting for their party to return with some item that they are looking for. After much discussion, they decide to threaten the ship to 50’ off shore and tell it not to move or they will blast it out of the water. The other ship complies. The party heads onto shore and sees some light woods and a trail winding through the woods. They follow the trail and Argen notices the tracks of 4 humanoid type creatures that have recently been on this trail. The party continues up to trail and at night they rest through the night. The next day they continue walking and at about 2pm they arrive at a cavern entrance. They notice more tracks and a recently used campfire near the cavern entrance. They enter the cavern. After a little walking, they hear another group in the distance. Argen sneaks up to them to take a closer look. He sees 4 people wandering through the cavern. Most of the party hangs out in a cavern room about 100’ away from them. The party argues for a while about what to do and they decide to sneak up on them again. Argen sneaks back up and Fedhe follows him. One of the people in the other party looks back and notices Fedhe and alerts his companions. Cedric joins Argen and Fedhe. Contessa is about 70’ behind them and casts a fireball onto one of the members of the other party. Combat begins. Contessa gets hit by a fireball. Cedric gets attacked, Argen gets attacked. Fedhe moves to the mage that cast fireball. Argen grapples his attacker. Cedric gets hit a lot and comes close to dying, he drinks two healing potions. Nuamaratheil joins the combat, and Boxer soon after. Siilex Allois joins combat last. Two of the other party end up dead. One ends up with his face glued to the wall. The other surrenders after being swarmed at the end. He explains that he they were hired to look for an item. Both live people are taken with them. They end up in a room with 3 pools and a strange looking item on the ground with green glowing circle around it. Argen detects a trap on the green circle. They attempt to use spells to get the item, but spells don’t seem to work inside the green circle. They eventually take rope and make a lasso and after about 7 attempts lasso the object a pull it out. Argen detects a trap on the item. They look at the item with fluency and see that it has buttons numbered 0-9 and an unlabeled dial with evenly spaced dashes around it. They are careful not the touch the item and put it in a bag.

They arrive back a their ship and make the 3 day journey back to Centralia. After about a day of walking around they city and are again contacted the shady character telling them where to meet. They meet the man again and they negotiate payment and exchange for the item. The man looks at the item, mentions something about a power leak. He then takes the item with his bare hand and puts it in his pocket. He walks away after giving the party their reward. END

Noteworthy Postgame Events