September 23, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)
Scorpio ()
Selia (Angelic healer, herbalist, and lawfully good peace-maker.)
Velvet Scarlatina (A true justice Torite who starting adventuring to gain experience in dealing with adventurers, her determination is the only thing keeping her sane at this point)


Stop interplanar ghost pirates by any means possible.

Plot Synopsis

Our noble adventurers began this journey in a quaint bar off the Centralian docks. There, they proceeded to buy out the tavern of food for the evening, causing one of them to decide to convert the furniture into toast, causing no end of interpersonal arguing between the T'orite who cared, the T'orite who didn't, and the transmuter. Eventually, the employer came into the bar, whose presence almost put an end to the carnival of shenanigans occuring within.

Part of the party at least paid attention, learning of the legendary ship which recently began to reappear, terrorizing merchanting vessels across multiple dimensions. So our heroes set out and with the help of a remarkable fast flying sled, managed to locate said ship without too much issue.

Being adventurers, their first instinct was to massively overkill it. Selia began producing boats and tossing them overboard, trying to smash the pirates to smithereens. While it frantically dodged, Halcyia turned herself into essentially a metal block and cannon'd herself straight into the ship, drilling a massive hole and disturbing them greatly. Scorpio followed suit by driving the lookout straight through the mast, splintering it into fragments and generally terrifying those around. With such massive destruction, the surviving pirates were willing to negotiate.. but in doing so, forgot to beware of falling boats, one of which crashed straight into the ship, breaking both apart and causing massive havoc.

With their boat gone (for now) the even fewer remaining pirates began conversation with the adventurers, who learned something of their curse. Having been damned by the dying spell of an old sorcerer, the party decided to call to Vormaxia for help; one casting of Miracle later, a not-very-happy Vormaxia share spelled a high rank elemental revoke to Scorpio, who spent experience to lift the curse. Being normal mortal pirates again (albeit extremely good ones), Scorpio decided that he could make use of them, and hired them on to his mercenary crew.

The pirate threat neutralized, the party was paid a hefty amount of silver and went on their way.

Noteworthy Postgame Events