September 24, 2017

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Macrae (Mac) Smith
Captain Storm Rogers
Deus (Master swordsman, and owner of interplanar trade route)
Tobias Foamwake (To my cause shall I Rally)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
Fwip [Mirror Sky] (Storms are beautiful.)


Adventurers needed to unrelease the ancient evil(s?) they unleashed.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were hired by Sir Ser, Ra'ite Paladin, to cleanse either Ulashar, He Who Came Before Everything Else or Grognak, the Destroyer of worlds from the plane. The party went around Koth looking for Ulashar, before finding him. Half of the party sold their souls to Ulashar, before being cleansed by successful DI's to Vormaxia and Neptune, however, as a result of DI'ing to Neptune several times, Tobias was turned into a crab. The party sacrificed 1,000 innocents and bound him to Sir Ser's Superior Sunlight Greatsword, which became horribly tainted.

Noteworthy Postgame Events