January 05, 2002

Game Start Date
Game Master
Justin Gaskins
Mirumoto Bob
Mirumoto Yukihera
Togashi Mitsu
Kitsuki O-Ushi
Kuni Yori


Intelligent adventurers needed to perform a suicide mission into a foreign land to destroy an evil fallen deity of immeasurable power. The ability to cast Fluency a plus. Inquire at the Donkey at 1 pm.

Plot Synopsis

Ep. 1.4: The Long Road

The party meets Bob, a small asian man, in the Donkey. He doesn't know much but explains that he is the middle man. After a lot of discussion, the party goes to Rokugan to meet the Dragon employer (Mitsu). Much more discussion ensues (who would have thought that killing a god was such a questioning task). They finally decide to go. They are given a map, horses, and supplies for the long journey to the Crab lands in the north.

During the several days of travel, they find the burnt caravan of the advance party and rescue the one survivor (a diplomat). The kill the bandits that destroyed the advance party. In the melee, Drey gets "Cleft in twain" by a bandit. Lynn kills a bandit with a well placed crossbow bolt to the groin. And they question one of the bandits about the ambush (not much learned, only a stupid bandit). Later they discover that they have been shadowed the entire journey by a Scorpion assassin that was planning an ambush later. He is killed and the party is not ambushed. The adventure ends with them meeting Kuni Yori, the Crab Emissary, in the Crab lands. He explains the final leg of the journey and asks them what they will require for it. Much more discussion and plotting follows. The adventure ended early because I didn't think they'd move so fast. It would have continued there, but I didn't have the rest of it written up.

The party gets 2000 eeps, with bonus eeps going to Lynn and Bink for their creativity. No magic items and no payment yet.

Noteworthy Postgame Events