September 02, 2017

Game Master
Grant Greene
Sombra Nightshade (A rogue with a habit of getting killed in new and fascinating ways, this adventurer has plenty of oddities to make things interesting)
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Captain Rogers


There's a scary lady in my mirror. My daddy says it's nothing, but I know better.

Plot Synopsis

The party showed up at a redsidential home in Vesuna, where Captain Rogers (who showed up early) was asked to babysit seven year old Caroline while her mother had to go out for the afternoon, and maybe try to convince her that there isn't anything wrong with the mirror in her room. The rest of the party showed up, and after having a tea party, they went to investigate the large mirror in her bedroom. After having a short conversation with another seven year old girl that appeared to live inside the mirror, Sombra became posessed by the mind of a 12 year old psychopathic serial killer, driven top destroy her prison and kill everyone she sees (unknown to the rest of the party). The party then split up and began to explore the rest of the house, when "Sombra" ran off and smashed the mirror, triggering magic item destruction, blowing up a large person of the house, royally fucking up Sombra's body with broken glass and killing little Caroline. The Captain then took Caroline's body to the temple of Isis, and took Sombra to the temple of T'or. The party then started an angry mob of both civilians and adventurers (from both the Sorority and the Adventurer's Guild), who chanted "Child Killer" outside of the temple of T'or for several hours. Inside the temple, the two minds inside Sombra's body becan randomly switching back and fourth, and while the T'or ites and the Tarusions they called to look into it were wondering how to handle Sombra, Caroline's father (an adventurer) showed up at the temple, and attempted to disintegrate Sombra, but failed his DI to Anibus to ensire Sombra could never return to life, and was smited by Anubis. The priests then wiped the mind of the little girl in Sombra's head, giving control back to Sombra, but leaving a disembodied, amnesiac, and very scared 12 year old in Sombra's head. Sombra was then released by the temple, and the party attempted to check back on the girl, who they were able to wipe the memories of the last hour, before her mother showed up and forced the adventurers away.

Noteworthy Postgame Events