September 02, 2017

Game Master
Issac S. Frank


"I need help finding my childhood friend"

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were summoned to a world to find what happened to their really great friend Lily Veselka. Through talking with people who also knew Lily Veselka, they found she traveled to the States through a prison work transfer program. After that, they found she originally came from somewhere in Czech Slovakia (Or was it Poland?). There, the party found an abandoned military base and they found their great childhood friend, Lily Veselka. Lily Veselka had extreme psionic neurosurgery inflicted on her constantly, to let the people who held her use Lily Veselka's abilities to remove memories from everyone. Lily Veselka was hurt and died because the party wasn't there. You let Lily die. Why did you let Lily die? Lily Veselka didn't deserve to die. Lily Veselka was your best friend! Lily Veselka. Lily Veselka Lily Veselka Lily...

Noteworthy Postgame Events