June 05, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
William D Jackson (Mutto Freak of the year!! Maybe making a comback!!!)
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)


Brave Persons needed to remedy a minor problem. Meet at the Erection at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Tier shows up an hour early and meets the employer who introduces himself as Jones. Afterwhile, he descides that changing the location may bring in more people willing to help. The posting is changed to meet in the Spectral Meteor.

The rest of the party shows up around noon and meet Jones. He explains to them that he is part of a research group who has had a malfunction in one of their spells. He is hiring people to clean up the result. After some questioning, he admits they had used an artifact of Scrogg to try to implant a divine spark into a person. There did not seem to be much purpose other than to see if it could be done. the experiment went badly and instead, a demonic spark was imbued and several of the researchers were killed by the resulting creature. Siilex wants to know if the creature is Hirudo like, as 'his hirudo' left him several months ago. Jones explains he knows little about what happened afterward.

The party is offered 3,000 sp to capture the creature in order to see if the process can be reversed. The group agrees and they leave for the waiting boat.

After a two day sail, the ship arrives a small chain of islands. They invistigate the first island which has two small towns on it. Tyn was spotted by a few town folk, and panic ensues. The men of the village get their bows to defend their town. Tyn dives underwater to hide. Eventually, the head of the town speaks with the adventurers. There were some strange lights on the far island a week ago, but nothing odd in their village.

The second island has a smaller town in which the adventurers do not raise the alarm. The man helping them at the docks tells them that nothing odd has happened recently, excepting some stragne lights a week ago. Willie investigates the island looking for a tavern. He is directected Zeek's shack. Zeek turns out to be a strange old man with a still. Willie pays the man with several hundred silver for a small jug and returns to the group.

The party then moves on to the island where the experiments were actually performed. Tyn flys out to the island and finds several bodies. One woman is still alive, Tyn flies her back to the ship. Jones identifies the body as Lindsey, one of his associatates. Cronk examines the body and miracle heals it. The woman then reaches up, and grabs Cronk. Siilex moves to Suspend Time the woman, but finds that he is unable to bring himself to cast the spell on her. Cronk easily breaks the hold and backs away.

The woman the glides from the ground and hovers off the side of the boat. She gives Cronk a sweet look and he feels a spell effect him, but resists it. Halina attempts to Clay Jet the woman, which she easily dodges. Willie runs up, jumps off the boat to tackle the woman; he feels an urge not to harm her, but manages to ignore the feeling. He grapples her on the way down and they plunge into the ocean.

Siilex and Tyn jump into the water after Willie and make out the two forms sinking downward. Willie begins to electoshock the woman repeatedly, still ignoring the feeling not to. Lindsey manages to give Willie a kiss while being held. Willie succumbs to her venom and dies. Lindsey then casts a spell at Siilex and he finds himself hogtied. Halina manages to get a shot off from her bow and hits the woman. This manages to kill her, but due to the murkiness of the water she is unable to tell so Halina continues to pincushion lindsey with arrows. Siilex flies up to the deck of the ship while Halina is shooting the body and recomends she use his item of Fireball. Eventually they realize that the woman is dead and Cronk goes to retreive Willie's body so he can have the proper Zepherin Rites performed.

Tyn swims down to the woman and brings her back to the ship. They realize immediately that a change has occured. She has a set of large wings and appears far more beatuiful than before, despite being dead. Halina uses detect divinity and sees the demonic influence fading from Lindsey's body, and makes out another glow beneigh her skirt. Halina checks, and finds a chastity belt. There is talk of breaking the lock to take it off but they realize that would be a bad plan. They also debate removing the woman's legs, but that is seen as excessive. Tier picks up the body and Siilex Supends him for transport home. About this time, Willie sits up on the deck looking unhurt, no one seems particularly surprised. He is unaware of anything happening after he was kissed.

They sail to the portal farm and take the body to the Mages' Guild in Centralia. They manage to get the belt unlocked and the body reverts to a normal human form. They all pitch in to get the belt Identified. They find out that the belt is quite powerful, but of limited usefulness and try to trade it to the guild. The guild doesn't want it so they dice for it. Siilex ends up with it, but declines to try it on.

Noteworthy Postgame Events