May 29, 2004

Game Master
Wright Frazier
Sotara (My sword talks to me...I swear it!!!)
Meow Kitty


come immediately to the Spectral Meteor Tavern and ask for Kyle

Plot Synopsis

The posting said to come immediately to the Spectral Meteor Tavern and ask for Kyle in room 1. There they spoke to a younger half elf who named himself as Kyle Barrit and wanted little personal information about them and offered each a considerable sum of money to under take a mission to retrieve something that had fallen to the sky before other parties were able to do so. The party was told that at least 2 previous attempts at security the object had been made; in all likelihood both were dead. But that time was of the essence and that they had to choose now.

The party accepted and took a Shadow Aerodrako to the portal farm and then to Liston. There they were escorted to a sectioned off area of the growing Liston Portal Bazaar and introduced to one Aaron Barrit who provided them with supplies and additional information, informing them that the race between themselves and agents of Southham. Further that Liston and Southham both were sending squadrons to physically retrieve the artifact, the party was being sent in to secure it against others. Aaron expected Liston’s squadron to arrive first by several days but was considerably smaller than what was being sent by Southham. Further that the object had come down in or near an archipelago inhabited by a sect of fanatical Isisites who had withdrawn from the general world because of its rampant cruelty and violence. Further, Aaron suspected that the object, whatever it was, had been brought down artificially because it had come down so close to major land mass (600 mi from Geleia) and a minor one (in or near the Curilyn Archepelago) and that this made it even more imperative that it be recovered first. Kai warned against bringing the object to close to Liston itself because it might be a trap, a sentiment with which Aaron concurred. The party then took stock of their inventory and mounted two Shadow Aerodrakos and headed out. The journey took 7 hours and brought the party to the Curilyn Archepelago in the mid afternoon. After a brief aerial survey of the devastation of the islands they decided to land in the area that looked most promising for the object to have landed in. They were immediately attacked, while still in the air, by two near invisible creatures which radiated great heat. One of the Drako’s was destroyed, resulting in a 100’ fall for most of the party, taking severe damage. A short battle ensued with Thompson, Sotara, and Halima all being seriously wounded, though Halima from the fall primarily, before the creatures could be killed by Thompson and Kai. Further during the battle Halima found that magic was not working at all right in the area, wounding Sotara and Thompson in the process with an unexpected lightning bolt.

The party then rested and regenerated, Halima attempting some minor healing magics, some of which were successful, before venturing into the lagoon at the center of the archipelago to follow the supposed crash site of the object. Thompson and Kai went down into the murky water some hundred yards before being set upon by a pack of bloated undead creatures which swarmed around them forcing them to retreat back to land. Once there, and once the effects of a magical darkness from a miscast spell faded, the party was able to destroy the creatures but not before Thompson had part of one of his legs torn off. After the battle Kai returned to the area where the undead had attacked from and found the object which appeared to be a very large goldenish ball of some sort which had been badly scorched during its fall through the atmosphere and crash, later excavation would reveal it was very badly misshapen and melted and was approximately 15’ across at its largest point. another rest period the party rowed over to another island to see what was there and were ambushed in the ruins of the village by the undead remains of several priests of isis and more of the bloated undead from before. In the ensuing battle Meow Kitty lost her right arm before the undead could be destroyed. The party then decided that a nights rest was a good idea and went up to the watch tower on the island, there clearing out another pair of the burning undead. As the party rested, with numerous defenses prepared incase of attack, Kai went to investigate the ruins of the temple of Isis but not wanting to venture into the flooded basements recovered only a couple of water logged books from the main floor.

The party then decided to hole up for several days and wait for the Liston squadron to arrive which it finally did approximately one week later. The object was recovered after a bit of work by a salvage ship and the squadron quickly left before the more powerful Southham squadron could arrive, though it was spotted and subsequently gave chase but had to break off when reinforcements coming from Liston were encountered.

The object was subsequently taken back to Liston, though kept out to sea for study, arrangements for the repair of Thompson & Meow Kitty’s missing limbs were made and the party paid and released with the thanks of Aaron.

Noteworthy Postgame Events