July 26, 2017

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Macrae (Mac) Smith
Raven Hooker (She likes sex)
Link Atemest (......*Pottery Noises*)
Badigadi (Priest Lizard Six arms, 9ft tall)


"You hear knocking on your front door..."

Plot Synopsis

A small elven boy knocked on the door of the adventurers, before saying "Follow me!" The boy led them deep into the forest to meet Fairy Lady Questgiver, who asked them if they wanted to be the heroes that would save the world. The adventurers accepted, before proceeding to the Trial of Integrity.

-Killed several giant spiders
-Completed several puzzles
-Did NOT take from Pig/Flower/Human Person's giant pile of *gross amount of* silver, proving that they are heroes with integrity.

-2 of MAS117
-1,000 silver
-2,500 experience

Noteworthy Postgame Events