July 09, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Roku Adachi (Master of the four elements, keeper of balance, defender of the innocent)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage (Fedor K. CHR214))


Rumor has it someone attacked a house on adventurer's lane. In other news, the Centralian Stockade has put out a hiring for professional adventurers.

Plot Synopsis

While nobody responded to the actual hiring, due to their excessive revelry from saving Vesuna, Hooded Man and Roku found themselves waking up in the Torite prison, completely oblivious to the events of the night before. Fortunately for them, the Torites have need of adventurers, and so they were tasked with investigating the occurrence as community service.

There was much investigation into the matter, looking at things, casting spells, reaching conclusions; doing silly things, finding leads, and making progress on an overall much larger scale of matters.
At the end of the day, after following leads, searching for more information, communing with old friends, and lore-gathering, they reached several worrying conclusions, which conclude with our two adventurers finding themselves engaging in preparation and gathering of allies for a trip to retrieve the young woman who was kidnapped and replaced from Scorpio's house, where she had been residing under Torite protection from [events of prior game].

Having expected other people to be involved in guarding her, Alyx came ready with more pay options than he originally intended, and so also allowed our adventurers today equal pay (Choice of magic mutate, fully finessed physical mutate, attune, or 2500 exp toward PWR/STR/HEA).

Noteworthy Postgame Events