June 06, 2017

Game Master
Crosby Bingaman
Polly (Parrot)
Bumi (Severely insane earthbending professor)
Hydan (A Priest of Alamar in search of redemption in the eyes of his god. (Anything to further the cause))
Galathar Cailltanam


Adventurer's wanted to help convince the Inbar to reconnect with the world and establish diplomatic relations with the rest of Ageron! Meet at the Stardeus on the Northface University campus at noon!

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were tasked to convince the Inbar to reconnect with the rest of the world. When they went and talked to them they were tasked by the Inbar leaders to kill the monster that they had sealed away. So the adventurers killed the monster rather quickly because of an edged crit that rolled 98 on the percentile. After that was done the Inbar agreed to drop the perception filter and to establish themselves with the rest of the world again.

Noteworthy Postgame Events