May 03, 2017

Game Master
Sean Strantz
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


Adventures need to capture a wanted killer, meet at the CGM at 1

Plot Synopsis

Adventures were hired out of the CMG to capture/kill a wanted criminal from another world. They were offered a bounty of 20 thousand silver plus loot rights. After some discussion about resurrecting and making the target undead the employer amended the offer to loot minus the bodies of anyone they encountered, the bodies alive or dead belonged to her. Party agreed to the terms.

They went through a portal and got on a spaceship for a two day ride. Some of the party members (H & BG) detected as demonic and were given a guard for the trip. Nothing of real note occurred.

The party landed in the fortress and wasted some time for on of Tanis items to reset, They encountered 2 very stealthy creatures one of whom was seen and the other attached Tanis then they both ran away. The party chose to ignore them to continue mission. They encountered 6 space marines below ground, a few Disintegrates later one was dead his armor near completely destroyed. Another very wounded they all fell back to their leader. Halsha teleport to him and finished him off with another Disintegrate leaving a second suit of armor near dust. The party fought the target for several rounds of combat. A random spell effect destroyed all the bone in one of the backup space marines, but eventually the party reducing the target to negative 1 dp but alive due to his armor. The remaining forces gave up and the party returned to the employer after arguing about if one of them could mess with the boneless dude.

3000 exp granted and 8 items recovered

Noteworthy Postgame Events