January 24, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Samus (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)
Kalydon - Athyrean high priest of Neptune


Adventurers wanted to retake island. Meet Kalydon at the Stopover Inn at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Samus arrived at the Stopover Inn early in the morning of the day of the meeting. He talked with the innkeep and insisted on seeing Kalydon then. The innkeep refused to allow a stranger (who looked like a nigh-naked elf with a mist around his waist) to drop in on one of his guests. Samus tried to convince him, but then eventually gave up and attempted to locate Kalydon on his own. Going back into his cloud-like appearance, he wafted through the building. The first room he tried, he found a woman who became quite disconcerted when he asked her if she were Kalydon. After she denied being the one he was looking for, Samus went to the next room, leaving her terrified under her covers. The next room he entered, he came across a man and a woman asleep together. He woke them and proceeded to ask if either of them were Kalydon. They both denied this, and Samus again went to the next room. As he left, he heard them start rapidly dressing and moving towards the door. The next room he found was empty, and the room after that held a single sleeping man. Samus decided to wake this man up, who sat upright with a jerk and immediately lightning-bolted him. Samus backed off and tried to ask his questions, but the man kept alternately yelling and throwing spells at him. Backing under the door into the corridor, Samus noticed guards thundering up the stairs, and decided to leave.

As the morning progressed, the rest of the party began arriving for the mission. Samus came in different form so as not to be entirely obvious. Once all had arrived, Kalydon explained the situation:

He represented a city-state by the name of Athyrea, on a somewhat large island about two weeks or so by boat from Geleia. Recently, a former ally of theirs launched a surprise attack on one of their outposts, a rocky outcropping that is a holy site of Neptune. They seized the magical lighthouse there, and were able to launch a surprise attack on their main city without the Athyreans being warned of their approach. The attack was repelled, but total war erupted between them as a result. Kalydon has come to hire adventurers in an attempt to retake the lighthouse outpost, and to use the opportunity to launch a naval attack of their own against their former ally.

Questions were asked of Kalydon, including a little about the history of the dispute, which said came out of nothing, and about the attack, which he said was unprovoked. He seemed honest enough in his replies, so the party asked him about how they were to get onto the island. He told them of a secret portal into a hidden cove of the island that had been installed long ago, known only to a select few priests and located at their temple to Neptune. It was to be used in emergencies such as this, and would be taken down once the island was recaptured and fortified. Pay and travel time were also discussed at this point, and then the entire group got underway, as the journey would be six days, after going through another portal.

The party arrived in the city of Athyrea with no problems, and was directed to the temple of Neptune, atop a hill near the docks. In the basement they were shown a portal that took them to a swampland with another portal a little ways in front of them. Most of the party stayed in the swampland, looking around a bit, while Samus took the second portal in order to scout some. He returned with a basic layout of the island, and the party went through. They found themselves in a dark cave, which led to a hidden niche on the outside of the island, jutting from the surface of the sea. Many flew up the side, others climbed up.

Mindra took the lead and went straight to the building harboring the lighthouse, as Claude snuck around. Claude assaulted and annihilated the guards outside the lighthouse, while Mindra went in through the side. Once inside, she cast Quiet on the person waiting to give the command word to activate the beacon. When this person noticed this, he activated some sort of warning device, but the results were not seen. Mindra then proceeded to methodically search the tower for others, as Claude entered the front and fought the guards waiting there.

As this was occurring, the others made it up the side of the island and began to attack one of the other buildings on the island. Samus went and stenched a number of marines guarding the main temple, and the rest began to fight the various priests and marines around there. When they saw warriors exiting, D’leyna intercepted and fought a few, preventing most from joining the battle at the lighthouse.

As Mindra proceeded through the tower, it was found out that a mage near the top had noticed the guard’s warning, and had been attempting revocates on her Quiet spell. Before she could find him, he succeeded, and then after cushioning himself, jumped into the required area from two stories and fell, shouting the command word. The party noticed the lighthouse turn a bright red, but at this point they were in control, and soon mopped up the rest of the combatants. Returning through the portal, Samus signaled Kalydon that the island was secure, who started sending in temporary troops. Claude took a moment to capture a Nomad woman who had given him some trouble, as the party collected the various fine suits of armor that the enemy people had been using.

Kalydon thanked the party, though he expressed his disappointment that the beacon was activated, and looked worried. The party was paid and sent home.

Notable post-game events: After a few weeks, stories of a naval battle began filtering throughout the Galeian region. Apparently, the Athyreans had been doing well until a signal was seen in the distance, at which point the Lakdamonians fought with renewed vigor to break through, and began making best speed towards the distant beacon. Only a desperate heroic maneuver by the great Athyrean Admiral Plyades prevented them from doing so, though it caused him to be captured.

Noteworthy Postgame Events