October 25, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Fred (He hates everything!)


Temple of Orus needs help negotiating.

Plot Synopsis

One of the temples of Orus in Port Haven put up a couple of discrete posters in
Rougtero looking for adventurers to help abitrate a disupte they have with anoth
er temple (or something to that affect).

The adventurers showed up at the temple (which was operating out of the back of a fish store and smelled like fish used to be stored there). The two priests present explained the situation...

Basically they had been going from business to business collecting tithe. One business owner claimed that he had already tithed a different temple and couldn't afford to pay twice. The priests nodded and left but then sent back their counse ling team to explain to the shop owner that really if he had to pay only one temple it should be them. They were most persuasive.

A few days later a priest and a couple of counselors from the rival temple showed up and layed out territorial boundaries in a most compelling manner... which is where the adventurers come in. The priests want them to track down this rival priest (they give a name, description and probably hang out) and brutalize him in such a way as to send a message to his superiors that their offer was not acceptable.

The adventurers went to this upscale club (some had to detour to get better clothes because of a 'no armor or robes' sign). One adventurer, who had achieved some fame on the wrestling circuit, introduced himself to the target. Turns out the target (vincent) and his three cousins (bob, bill and bruno) were fans. They then all wandered off to a loud club by the docks and then to a dock workers bar (vinnie wanted a dive so he could start a brawl and have some fun).

One big bar fight later has vinnie and his cousins unconscious (one adventurer death, several dead dock workers). They drag the victims across the street to a hotel and then hire a tatooist to write slogons on their chests, backs and foreheads and then dump them (naked of course) at one of the more run down Scroggite parish churches.

Their employer was suitably impressed but decided that they would be closing operations in Port Haven for a few days (to give the rival temple time to simmer).

Other things of note:

The Crimson Flame has opened a small church in Rougtero. They are conducting sermons three times per day and at the evening sermon they always perform some miracle to demonstrate that they are the beloved of Orus whom allows his power to flow freely through the Crimson Flame. One adventurer witnessed them calling uponOrus and regrowing a man's arm. Their sermons are filled with hope and redemption and tell listeners to be on the look out for divine births because Orus will once again cause manifestations of his glory to appear in physical form and these
forms will one day rise up to take their places as your gods (again).

Noteworthy Postgame Events