May 08, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Krystal Tyler
Amorphous Bob (T'orite trap detector, extraordinaire!)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Simon Rassmussen


Adventurers needed for rescue mission. Meet Barnabas at the Stopover Inn at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Barnabas explained to the group of adventurers that five of his guard had been attacked and three taken hostage shortly after being told they had to meet with the native authority of the world in which they were stationed. Barnabas assured the group that the attack was unprovoked, and that he wanted his men returned to him by any means necessary. A price was agreed upon, and Barnabas led them through a portal to a desert world. He pointed the party in the approximate direction it was thought the guards were taken and then returned to Jaern.

The party set off south. They did not come upon anything interesting until an earthquake caused some minor sinkholes, which caught a few party members unawares. Eventually, the party continued south. One night, two people on watch noticed movement nearby. Morgion shot an arrow at it, hitting the creature, which retreated. The next night, there was more movement. Morgion chased three creatures, rendering them all unconscious. Tanis drained some knowledge and language from one of the creatures.

The next day as the party approached a small town, they were met by 15 of the same lizard-like creatures, who demanded to know who they were and why they had attacked. Morgion tried to overload for a spell and was rendered unconscious for four hours. Tanis blamed the attack on Morgion, saying he had acted of his own accord and that Tanis had just disposed of him (explaining why Morgion suddenly fell over). Tanis then asked about the prisoners. Still dubious of the party's intent, the leader of the creatures agreed to escort the party to a neighboring town where the guards were being kept. They left shortly thereafter, leaving Morgion to catch up later. (The creatures requested to travel by night, as they are nocturnal.)

An uneventful few days later, the party enters another, larger town and is shown where the guards are being kept. The leaders of this town explained that they were the ones attacked unprovoked; the three guards were grievously wounded and were brought in for healing. They began to improve, then suddenly slipped into unconsciousness with no explanation as to why. The town leader agreed to release the guards if they would be left alone and not attacked again. Tanis said they could not assure noninterference but said they would talk to the employer about it. The town leader reluctantly agreed, and with the help of two creatures, began the trek back to the portal.

The trip was interrupted only by the attack of something referred by the creatures as a "sky ghost." It was difficult to see, and it paralyzed Amorphous Bob and Dom before the party was able to bring it down. By the time they reached the portal, one guard had died, most of the party was feeling very tired, and Tanis had confused the two creatures about whether magic was evil or not. The remaining guards were returned, and the party was paid.

Noteworthy Postgame Events