May 08, 2017

Game Master
Todd Osborn
Tumbleweed (Gunslinger Extraordinaire)
Bane (Strong enough to wrestle a dragon. Sarcastic enough to taunt it into doing so.)
Pheobe Kyo (Blind Psion)
Link Atemest (......*Pottery Noises*)


Adventurer’s needed to gather rare materials, so we can create a new product.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurer's showed up and hung out the craftsmen guild for a little while, before heading out to a cave. At the cave, they defeated some random enemies and found a hidden door. This door led the party to some dungeon located underground. At this dungeon, the party systematically killed everything that moved. At the end of the dungeon, they found the bones of a dragon being reincarnated by a bunch of hooded figures. During the fight, the hooded figures were killed off by the party and Bane had the dragon in a headlock. At this point, the dragon offered a truce with the party. He offered to revoke all the curses he laid on the party, if Bane didn't rip his head off. Thus, the party befriended an undead, chaos dragon. The party was rewarded 10,000 silver for their efforts.

Noteworthy Postgame Events