May 16, 2017

Game Master
Zachary Berglund
Steele (To some, an alcoholic pirate captain. To others, a hedonistic space marine. Neither is incorrect.)
Crow (Deus's business representative... sometimes)
Clementine (Brady)
Oleg (Nicholas)


Adventurer's needed to explore the tectum of griselheart and grab the omnitool of Griselheart

Plot Synopsis

Some very interesting things to note is that this party was mid-rate and non-combat, 3 characters are rouges with limited combat skills, yet they were able to handle a few combats.

First the party needed to figure out where the Tectum was located.
Oleg went to a library and figured out why the tectums are needed, what they were and more about the history on the plane. He also learned about who Griselheart was.
Crow was able to disguise herself as a lab worker and rolled a big of acting and pick pocketing to steal an ID off of a ranting drunk worker. Whom Steele then managed to seduce.
Crow found out more about the tectums, it's location and about artificing items that are valued on the plane.

During the mission, party fought several things and solve a myriad of puzzles. They fought ice elementals while on ice and rolled checks to prevent them from falling. They then dealt with three ghosts whom got their bodies confused. Party couldn't quite figure it out so they used rouge skills to convince the ghosts, whom all believed the party and they were able to solve it. Party also found a magic wand that casted four different water magics spells, this was given to the employer.
The party was accompanied by a party sent by alternate Jaern's Mirthal to steal the documents about the war and other things, however party defeated them in combat.

party earned 10000 silver through loot , ( I rolled several 95+ on loot rewards). base pay was 5000
They also earned 100 TP/BP or 150KP, but those points were boosted by the magic item by 25,
so total was 125 TP or BP or 175KP,
I believe all of party took BP.

Noteworthy Postgame Events