May 15, 2004

Game Start Date
Halden 10, 1004
Game Master
Loren Ver
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Shultz - Cefo


Adventures need to find and eliminate a shipping threat. Ocean experience a plue [sic]. If interested see cefo Schutz [sic] at Roguetero dock #5, on ship Maden's [sic] dance before noon.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers arrive at dispersed times before noon. Horace and Montik seem to put particular emphasis on several misspellings in the listing (to the cefo's confusion). A payment is agreed upon and they set off on their five day trip to a shipping route. Once there the party sets off planning how to catch a "plue." They also notice a large number of ships that are stationary and they discover that they are there because there is a large fish schooling in the area.

After a bit of putting their common sense aside they decide the best way to draw out the "plue" is to chum the water. Using depth charges they stun and catch dozens of the large fish in the area. Daglon and Jacob take to a long boat to chum while the ship they were on, carrying the rest of the party, move away from the newly bloodied water. The chum does manage to attract several sharks (but no visible "plue") which proceed to knock Daglon out of the boat. Daglon starts swimming towards their retreating ship while Jacob unsuccessfully tries to injure the barely visible sharks. Montik decides to stop firing at the sharks after missing them and hitting Daglon. Horace grabs a rope (which is being held by a marine onboard) and jumps in to help Daglon. This results in much confusion as Daglon's curse is activated. They are eventually retrieved and Daglon is immobilized. After recovering and explaining his actions Daglon and Jacob take to looking for the missing ships. Daglon finds some clues and Jacob finds no loot. Daglon the heads back to the surface once his gills run out, while Jacob continues to search.

Once back on the ship Jacob tries to convince the crew of his heroic vanquishing of the evil "plue." Montik jumps in and vouches for the story. The crew does not buy the story giving the lack of proof even with the story support of someone that wasn't there. Jacob offers to take Daglon and a lizard member of the crew back to the creature he had killed. He then proceeds to lead them around aimlessly, being there is no proof to find. While re-boarding the ship some of the party goes out of their way to "help" Daglon back into the boat, reactivating his curse, after some chasing he is again immobilized

They decide to call the endeavor a failure and head back to Rougterro. A few minutes later the boat experiences an unexplained demolish. Daglon, who is still immobilized due to his inappropriate behavior, DIs to Tor to prevent his death. The crew and most of the party is picked up by other ships, and transported back to Rougterro.

No one was paid for this mission.

Noteworthy Postgame Events