April 20, 2017

Game Master
Zachary Berglund
Todd (A dwarf that likes to swing his hammer.)
Brady (Dwarf, 5' 4)
nonsum (Hunter)
Devon (UNICORNS! :D)
Ryan the war god


Adventurers needed to be mercenaries and to discover a traitor

Plot Synopsis

Many players return to Ryan the War God's plane and join the Adventurer Uprising. Returning characters are Almak and Nonsum. Almak is considered the leader of the Adventurer Uprising and controls the army as well as the archpriest of Ryan. He was informed that their last attack failed because they found a traitor. Little did the party know that the Traitor did not act alone. The party decides to make a plan to attack, but then change it right before the attack. The party headed out early to the camp at Fukiwasha, there they explored and made thier plans. However, they were a little more than subtle with the way they did things. The party travled to that base in less than an hour by a giant enmassed Julie traveling almost as fast as the speed of sound. This alerted the other members of the group of traitors stationed there. So, while there they face a few red herrings, including a new recruit that seemed to be too talkative, and a hireling of the traitors. They soon discover a secret tunnel that went for a few miles under the earth. They discovered a hideout and a meeting place of the group of traitors. Julie decided to try to catch up with the group of traitors, and head to Nokomoshima, which they were about to attack. Julie was able to make a decently high per check to see them while flying through the trees. She soon engaged four against one, wanting to complete thier objectives, they tried to escape. Julie was able to find all but one who got away. However, the adventurer's plan was successful. They were able to catch the base by surprise. They face many enemies and were eventually victorious.

The RPing of the characters was well done.
The combat was against the giant garrison of 20000 vs 10000. The party controlled the army of 10000. The party reveled in the middle of war by facing constant arrow volleys and siege weapons. Julie had an enormous amount of strength at around 180. Magic did not exist on plane, only the most powerful can use it. The arrows were a d20 for every 100 enemies that the member was attacking. They started as 7 seperate attaks with a missile mod of 17, a hit was a d10 of damage. An artillery was a d100. Julie was hit once by an artillery. Party faced 3 artillery. The party was able to quickly slaughter thousands of foes without them getting mobilized, so they faced only around 10000.

The party received 2500 XP
Kira used a magic item to discover a hidden loot chest in the keep.
Julie bit the traitor in half while enmassed, the traitor was carrying a cursed sword.
The party found the lord of the castle and confronted him, he was killed by Julie who also ate him while enmassed.
He had a magic scroll on him.

Noteworthy Postgame Events